What it Takes to Succeed

The journey to success begins in the mind.

You hear this all the time about a lot of things because it’s true.

Understanding this idea is huge when it comes to weight loss, which is a task that takes time. For many folks, it takes a lot of time.

To succeed, you have to prepare your mind. Primarily because weight loss can take a while and your mind needs to be right when you lack motivation or willpower.

You must be focused

Being focused on a particular outcome might mean thinking about it several times throughout the day if need be. Why? Because, for me, I get tempted to skip a workout, eat crappy carbs, drink empty calories. During those times, I have to remain focused on the ultimate goal — even though that goal may be a few months ahead of me.

Exercising isn’t always fun, and I don’t always feel like doing it. However, Inspiration to work out does not always happen when I am putting on my workout clothes. Sometimes it never strikes. On those days, I still carry on. I envision the end goal and get started anyway. It’s worth noting that I never regret working out once I get started.

You must be committed

If you are focused, it’s easier to be committed. If you are committed, you don’t give into temptation when it comes your way. You look at temptation with a steady resolve, and say, “Not today.” When you think about eating a Sonic Blast, you remind yourself of the 600+ calories that are in a small Blast, and how long you will have to work out to burn off those calories. The same goes for pizza and beer. Have a backbone and stay committed to your goal. You’ll love yourself for it.

But how? This kind of success looks different to different people. One way you can ensure you’ll remain focus and committed is to identify your weaknesses and form a plan. For example, if you are prone to late-night snacking, go to bed 30 minutes earlier if that will help you from bingeing. Heck, make it an hour earlier if you need to. If you have friends that invite you have drinks after work every Friday night, suggest doing something different or pass on going to places like that until you have some resolve under your belt.

You must be steadfast

Steadfast. Stubborn. Resolute. You get the picture. You must step outside your comfort zone and be determined if you want to succeed. It’s simple, but boy, it can be tough.

Weight loss is the journey of a thousand steps. There will always be Sonic Blasts, pizza, cookies or whatever your favorite food is. You already know what it tastes like, why do you need to eat it again? The truth is you don’t, and you need to understand that nothing bad will happen if you deny myself junk food.

Another way to look at this is to ask yourself what you want more — the cheese fries or the success a few months down the road?

That’s an oversimplified way to look at it but it gets down to the point of working yourself past immediate gratification. And let’s face it, it’s tougher to envision the long-term goal when you’re staring down a scrumptious pizza. But that’s all it is — pizza. Seeing food for what it is can be powerful, just as envisioning reaching your goals is.

Every time you toss your goals out the window for a night of drinking and eating (or whatever), you are essentially moving in the wrong direction.

Sure, there will be moments of weakness, but the important thing is to learn from them. Don’t just hate yourself for bingeing. Look at why it happened. Was there a trigger? Were you angry, bored, anxious, lonely? Find a way to deal with negative emotions/situations/people if they make you reach for food.

Look, weight loss is not a linear process. It truly is a journey that is full of ups and downs. If you know that you are making all the right decisions, you can trust the process even though you might get derailed once in a while.

Here’s the good news: when you begin making decisions that are aimed at reaching your goal, you can act with confidence. When you see the results of those decisions reflected in your healthy physique, you feel empowered, and it becomes easier to make those kinds of decisions.

But you have to get your mind right first.


Comments, suggestions? Let me know what you think.

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