How Changing Your Perspective Can Give You a Winning Edge

I knew a woman who was meticulous when it came to taking care of her car. She washed it almost every week and cleaned all of the junk and trash that would accumulate in it every few days.

This same woman would go on countless diets only to give up after about a week. She joined a gym but stopped going because she was busy… or too tired… or just not in the mood. She wanted a better body and wanted to be healthier, but she could never find the discipline she needed to keep at it long enough to see results.

Lots of folks are like that.

On some levels, it might be easier to take care of a car than it is your body, but the flip side of that is you can always get another car. Getting another body when yours wears out is more of a challenge.

A human body is the most incredible machine we will ever own. So why don’t more people put in an effort to take care of theirs?

Because it’s not easy. In fact, it’s challenging.

Exercising makes you sweat. It makes you sore. For some people, it’s a daily struggle to get — and stay — motivated. After so many days of exercising their bodies and their willpower, a lot of people feel like giving up when they don’t see results in a few days or weeks. Not only is exercising a struggle, but waiting is, too.

In addition, food tastes good. Giving up sugar/alcohol/carbs is hard — especially when food is everywhere. Our society seems to revolve around food and drinking, so not indulging is tough. For some people, turning down tempting food and drinks is a daily struggle that wears them out long before they see results.

When you think of all the challenges people have with taking care of their health, it’s easy to see why it’s hard to remain committed.

But commitment is what you need for success. So, how can this process become easier?

One way you can make the process easier is to reconsider how you view struggles, problems or challenges. The truth is that they don’t have to all be seen in a negative light.

For example, when people think about working out, they think about the struggle of feeling sore the next day or how hard it will be getting up early. They don’t want to face those challenges.

But let’s look at another set of challenges they could be facing if they don’t. Such as diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.

One set of challenges is significantly better than the others.

Would you rather deal with the struggle of exercise today or with possible health problems in the future? Working out now or obesity in the future? Eating right now or diabetes in the future?

Here’s the thing: struggles, problems, challenges never really go away — they simply change according to circumstances.

Consider this: Even people who reach their desired weight still have struggles and challenges. They still have to wake up early and work out in cold weather. They may get blisters or need to buy new running shoes every few months.

It’s a myth to think that once you reach your desired weight your problems will go away. They won’t. You’ll just have a different set of problems because life is full of them.

And that’s OK. We are actually lucky because we can avoid some problems by simply being proactive.

So the next time you think working out or eating right are problems you’d rather avoid, try looking at them as a way to prevent more serious problems in the future. With the right perspective, some “problems” aren’t so bad after all.


Feature photo by Ayo Ogunseinde

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